PBR Costume Art Comission: Skull Mask + Cape

I have created several art projects for Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest. “Love at FIrst Burp” was entered in the 2D category for the 2010 contest. The painting is now featured in the 2010 gallery section on PBRart.com

Love At First Burp

I also entered a piece called “Beer Breath” for the 3D category of the 2010 contest. This sculpture won first place in the city of Atlanta, and was recognized at an event for the PBR Art Contest at an event located at The Graveyard in East Atlanta Village.

Beer BreathBeer Breath Detail3Beer Breath Detail2Beer Breath RibbonsBeer Breath Detail4Flier

I entered the contest once again in 2012 and placed 4th in Atlanta overall, as well as winning “Most Surreal” for my painting titled: “PBOctopus”


In October of 2014, I connected with the Atlanta Marketing Representative for Pabst Blue Ribbon and asked to create a large skull and cape covered in PBR cans. The costume would be used in a photo shoot for the next year. So, I set out to collect PBR cans at my place of work, which happens to be a bar. This was an interesting process involving me: asking people to save their cans when finished, as well as digging through trash cans and dumpsters, all while trying to explain to everyone that I am an artist, not a homeless person.


Horror Artist Rene Arrigada was generous enough to donate an old “Captain Spalding” costume head that I could alter to my liking. (Unfortunately I accidentally deleted my photo of this.) The head was constructed from chicken wire and paper mache, so I removed the eyes, and sawed off the ears, lower jaw, and cheeks with a power tool. I removed any stray pieces, added horns and wire for the teeth foundation, and covered the skull with aluminum foil duck tape.

teeth wireteeth PBRcansskull shape

Next was the painful (literally) process of washing and cutting up the cans. I removed the top and bottom of each can to created flat rectangles, which I then cut into triangles. Next, I layered and glued the triangles onto the skull, and also placed thin strips of foil tape over the sharp edges around each triangle.

skull covered

Next, I painted the teeth and horns with a light shade of blue, and also added dark blue pop-tops and wire to give the teeth “braces.” I also placed a dark blue, see-through fabric over the eye holes.

skull paintedteeth braces

And just to be silly, I added a navy blue tassel to create a “rat tail” hairstyle 🙂

skull painted rightratail

I sewed a Pabst Blue Ribbon cape to complete the costume. I selected a very soft and velvety blue fabric, cut and sewed the edges, and painted a PBR logo on the back.

cape back cape front cape logo

The front of the cape attaches together with a small loop the goes around a PBR bottle cap.

cape cap



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